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About Nagada: Nagada are an Indian Percussion Instrument which resemble the kettle drums of the old naubat. Naubat is the traditional ensemble of nine instruments. These Nagada are around 1 to 2 feet in diameter, and played with sticks. This 2-headed goatskin drum, nagada has a handle and it comes with a curved beater. This stick or beater helps to gently strike it on the drum to create the sound.

In the modern times this instrument has generally been used as an accompaniement to shehnai. Nagada is a percussion instrument that resembles the 'Dhol', which is also an Indian Percussion Instrument Nagada is known by many names. For example, Nakkara, Nagada, Dugdugi etc. According to B. Chaitanyadeva, Nagada is a changed form of the ancient Dundubhi. Nagada has been inspired from Dundubhi. In Himachal Pradesh in Northern India also, Nagada's similar version can be found: Here its upper side is covered with leather of goat or goat skin. Nagada is slightly smaller in size than the 'Nobat' instruments. The percussion instrument 'Nagada' is played with it with a stick or piece of wood tp produce the produced. 

In Kashmir, Nagada is used during the festival time and marriage ceremonies. Mainly it is used with the 'bhand jashan and 'bhand natya'. Nagada is played during paddy harvesting as a part of celebration. The farmers consider it as an energy booster during their tiring task of farming.

Making of Nagada: Nagada is basically a handmade Indian Percussion Instrument from Rajasthan. This percussion instrument, nagada is available in different sizes. The construction of the Indian Nagada is very similar to the kettledrums which are found throughout the Middle-East, which has a copper clad bowl and a fine webbing that secures the natural skin head. The Indian Percussion Instrument, Nagada is thus the most common kettle drum in India. These drums may be found in different sizes and shapes and played with sticks. They also come with a beater and support ring and measure depending upon the size and diameter. If you have ordered Nagada online from a website or are planning to order one online, you must ensure that you are accepting the delivery of your Nagada in person to check the piece personally before accepting the delivery and can thus avoid accepting the delivery that has been damaged while in transit. 

The prominent musical instrument nagada (a single-faced kettle drum) heralds Nautanki performance. nautanki is an Indian way of telling the folklores. The nagadas used in nautanki are of two sizes and the percussionists have their own method of controlling pitch. The bigger nagada is controlled by the use of a damp cloth to its head while the head of the smaller drum is heated over hot coals.


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