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Noot is an earthen pot instrument popular both in folk and classical music. The folk variety of noots are made of clay or metal and are known by names like matki, gagri and noot. The last mentioned, that is, noot is popular and used in the Kashmir valley besides in Sindh, Pakistan extensively. Noot is an indispensable percussion instrument in choruses and ensembles performing chakri, rauf, soofiyana kalam and other music  typical of this part of the India. 

The noot is placed in front of the player on the ground or on the lap with it's mouth facing upward. The singer, who uses the noot for rhythm, strikes it gently on the mouth and the sides.The pressure and angle with which teh performer beats the noot, it produces very peppy and attractive rhythm, beat or tala

The ghatam, which is often heard and used in the Karnataka region in Indian music concerts, resembles the noot to quite an extent but is an improvised version made out of special clay, that is carefully and methodically kneaded and then goes through a process of baking under fire evenly and uniformly. The ghatam player sits on the floor with the mouth of the pot held close to his stomach, the body of the instrument resting on the lap. It is never beaten on the mouth like the noot is. Interestingly by manipulating and moving his abdomen, the performer can elicit various volumes and tonal colors out of the ghatam which is not the case with noot. 

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