Learning Percussion Instruments From Music School

Asking The Right Questions Before Joining a Music School for Percussion Instruments

If you, your family member or someone you know wants to learn to play Indian Percussion Instruments and is seeking admission in a good music school, it's a great idea. To get formally educated and learn the skill in proper manner is very important and should never be underestimated. Mere interest in learning the instrument has never been enough. Learning from the right master at the right time in the right manner is a combination that makes great musicians. 

But before joining a Music School that teaches Indian Percussion instrument the student should do some little research regarding their way of teaching duration, timings, fee, operational details etc. Here in this article we are going to discuss the questions that you should ask the administrator of the school before joining them. I am laying down a set of questions, all of which may not be of your interest or relevance. So the ones that are relevant to your field use them to your best advantage.

Does the Music School you are planning to join offer private lessons at pupil's home?
Does the music school you are planning to join to learn Indian Percussion Instruments send its instructors to give lessons in tabla at the student's residence. Go a extra mile and also find out if they offer it around your locality or side of city.

Find out how long do the group lessons and at home tutoring lessons last. 
While some percussion instrument learning schools may have lessons lasting for an hour everyday, including or excluding weekdays, others may teach thrice a week and each session lasting for about 2 to 3 hours. Also find out the timings of the lessons. This will help you to know if the institute suits you or not.

Ask them where will you be able to buy the percussion instrument you are planning to learn.

If you are a beginner or learning for the sake of pursuing your hobby what kind of tabla is advised and if you want to seriously pursue the art will you require a different quality of instrument. See, if the music school you are joining will help you and guide you to purchase the instrument. Some schools teaching Indian percussion instrument keep a stock of good quality of instruments for sale. Which makes it that much more easy and convenient. If you can buy the Indian Percussion Instruments and  the accessories like travel-cases, replacement heads, rings, etc from the school itself without any hassles, it's good thing. It also reflects upon the attitude, and demand of the institute.

Repair and replacement: You should also not ignore that fact that sometimes the percussion instrument you are learning  may need servicing, and repair as a result of wear and tear from continuous use or if it has got damaged in a mishap. Under this situation where can you get your instrument repaired? You should also understand the fact that there are different issues related to different instruments that need to be attended to from time to time. Does your music school give you the lessons on basic maintenance of  your instrument to? For example if you are planning to learn table, will your instructor teach you to carry out the basic repair work on your tabla, liketabla tuning, tabla stretching and replacing tabla heads. There are some schools that devote special theory and practical classes to impart this training. 

Details About Full Time Courses, Lodging and Boarding: If you are planning to pursue playing any Indian Percussion Instrument professionally, as the administration if they offer full-time courses at the School. If they have students in their institute who  have decided to learn and practice tabla full time, and if they run special programs for such individuals. If you as a student are willing ton relocate to the area where the music school is, will they help out with your living arrangements. In this circumstance it is best that you consult one of the faculty members, who will guide and assist you  in the relocating and admission process. Find out how many branches does the school have and where are they. Relocating to a place closest to your state or family home makes more sense than other options.

Find out how long does it take to learn to play your chosen Indian percussion instrument?

See how does the percussion music school deal with this question. It will help you judge their depth of knowledge and get a better insight into the workings and goals of the institute. Attaining mastery over an Indian percussion instrument basically depends on how much time you put into your practice, and also on your seriousness about getting closer to your goals. Those seeking to learn and gain only the basic understanding of the instrument can do so in about a year at the institute. For those who want to be fully accomplished as a tabla-player, it takes many years and a lot of effort, as with any branch of the performing arts.

Find out what all Indian percussion instruments does the institute teach otehr than the one you want to learn?

Indian percussion instruments are known for their unique and rich traditions. If you are interested in learning an offbeat Indian percussion instrument, meaning something that may not be too popular with people and they don't have it in their institute, will they be able to arrange for you to learn from instructors of that instrument. Their networking and knowledge in the field will reflect upon their knowledge, credibility and seriousness with which they run the institute.

Finally Ask them about the fee structure, scholarships, free tutorials, routines, other conditions and terms, and finally with a focus, finalize the timings of the class and get going. There is a long and interesting journey ahead. Good luck!  

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